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Jason Beam for Teamm8

September 30, 2010

Teamm8 is a relatively new brand to hit the circuit, but are already making some waves with their super sexy campaigns and hot underwear models like Jason Beam.  What is sexier is that the designer is a song writer Michal Nicolas and actually appears in his own ads..  More on that later.

These undies are all about being versatile and attractive so that you can wear them any time –  whether you’re playing sports, at work, or on a date”.

Nick Auger

September 29, 2010

Nick Auger 2

nick auger 2xist

Nick Auger undergear

NickAuger undergear2

Nick wears 2xist and Undergear

Christopher Fawcett

September 28, 2010

Christopher Fawcett has recently been taken on by Undergear
icon to show off some sexy new pieces.  I think that you will agree that he defintely does a great job on the final set of undies!

Christopher Fawcett for Undergear 1

Christopher Fawcett for Undergear 2

Christopher Fawcett for Undergear 3

Christopher Fawcett for Undergear 4

Christopher Fawcett for Undergear 5

Christopher Fawcett for Undergear 6

Chris wears Undergear

Andrew Christian Models

September 27, 2010

The best thing about Andrew Christian underwear is the colors.  Bright, vibrant and bold these beauties can look good on any skin and are just a lot of fun – as you can see from this photo shoot with some very hot Swedish models.


Andrew Christian Mens Underwear

Andrew Christian Mens Underwear1

Andrew Christian Mens Underwear2

Andrew Christian Mens Underwear3

Martin and Justin wear Andrew Christian Underwear

Nick Ayler

September 26, 2010

I LOVE this guys – Nick Ayler fills out his underwear in a magnificent fashion and simply pushes against the fabric both front and back in a wonderful way.  sigh…  Absolutely gorgeous.

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Nick Ayler underwear men1




Nick Ayler underwear men3

Kyle Ledeboer

September 25, 2010

Kyle Ledeboer.. enough said.

kyle ledeboer underwear men4

kyle ledeboer underwear men - ck1

kyle ledeboer underwear men1

kyle ledeboer underwear men - ac

Kyle is wearing 2xist
icon and Calvin Klein

Skye Boyland

September 25, 2010

This hot hunky guy was featured in DNA magazine and has been an underwear model favorite of mine ever since.

skye_men underwear_3

skye_men underwear_1

skye_men underwear_2

Model: Skye Boyland
Fashion: Andrew Christian Underwear